Trademark Protection


iPscaling ‘trademark protection’ gets your brand protected, including everything in the ’10-minute’ trademark search training and step-by-step directions for completing your own trademark registration. Pick a great mark, search to make sure it can be yours, and file your trademark application, in minutes, without spending thousands on lawyers.

If your building a brand, then you need to protect it with intellectual property, which probably means filing a trademark application or two. iPscaling ‘trademark protection’ includes everything in the ’10-minute’ trademark search and training that takes you step-by-step through the process of filing your own trademark.

iPscaling provides extra bonuses and training that helps you understand exactly what you need to do to select, protect and grow the value of your brand. Pick a brand name that sticks with your customers. Search the brand name using our ’10-minute’ trademark search to find out it someone else registered it first. If it’s available, protect your brand name by filing a trademark for it. Then, use your trademark consistently and continuously to create good will, which is how you build value in a brand.

Take care of what matters most, immediately, and learn the rest as you have time. iPscaling is self-paced. You get access to all of the training immediately and keep access for a single, low-cost fee.


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