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Protect Your Know-How, Inventions & Secrets


Get an NDA + iP agreement and protect your ‘secret sauce’ before sharing your recipe.

Trade secrets are valuable only if you take reasonable measures to keep them secret.

iPscaling’s trade secret training includes the following:

  • downloadable one-page NDA + iP agreement
  • downloadable consulting agreement
  • training for how to protect your ‘secret sauce’

Experts and innovators need to protect their know-how, ideas and other confidential information using reasonable measures for their particular industry. At a minimum, this means having a confidentiality agreement in place. This type of agreement is sometimes referred to as an NDA. However, it’s not enough to have an confidentiality agreement or NDA. You also need an iP agreement to make sure that your company will own all of the intangible property created for it by others.

iPscaling’s ‘Protect Your Know-How, Inventions & Secrets’ training includes a one-page NDA + iP agreement and a longer form consulting agreement, which is a great way of getting started, and getting started is the most important step when it comes to trade secrets.

If you don’t have any agreements like this in place, and use them consistently, BEFORE disclosing your company’s recipe, then you may forfeit any protection of your ‘secret sauce’. iPscaling makes this training available at such a low cost, because we never want any entrepreneur to regret the loss of his or her most important intangible property for lack of knowledge and the right agreement.

Sure, it’s always best to consult an experienced, board certified IP attorney, but that’s so often neglected, Chris Paradies has taken it upon himself to reach out to you and get you started down the right road. He does a lot to help small business owners and startups and knows how hard it can be to take the first step. Chris is the chairman of the board for the Tampa Bay Innovation Center, facilitates three co.Starters cohorts every year to help artists and innovators get started right, and speaks to many groups of entrepreneurs, students and inventors. It’s just not enough!

There are still many experts, skilled artisans, inventors and innovators that are making too many mistakes when it comes to protecting their trade secrets and other valuable intellectual property. The #1 mistake is doing nothing due to lack of time, lack of money or just not knowing where to start. That’s why Chris Paradies creating iPscaling. It’s to prevent fatal mistakes from happening due to lack of knowledge about how to ‘own protect grow’ intangible property, using the tools of intellectual property.

So, don’t put this off. Sign up now and get protected!


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