The Entrepreneur's Guide To Owning Everything... 

without wasting thousands on lawyers or the wrong iP!

Business owners must protect their 'secret sauce' BEFORE sharing their recipe! This is the only way to build business value and avoid the feelings of betrayal and lost value that comes with someone stealing your most valuable property, your company's innovation, ideas, creativity...

Our OWN PROTECT GROW process let's even a novice, startup entrepreneur get this right, right at the start, with minimal cost to a business! And if you're a more seasoned entrepreneur, then you know how expensive it can be to hire lawyers do everything for you.

When you take the right steps, at the right time, you'll never have to feel betrayed by the theft of your iP, without having something that you can do about it. Our iPscaling online portal is easy to use and is the most efficient way to own and protect your company's iP.

Need even more help? Then, get access to Chris Paradies 1-on-1 with our iPmasterclass online zoom sessions. Answer a few questions and schedule a zoom session with Chris, using his more than two decades experience helping business owners, to help you protect your iP.

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If your company owns EVERYTHING, you control your future...

The ideas, know-how, inventions, brands and creative works created for your company are its most valuable asset. Accountants refer to this value as 'intangibles'.

I call it 'intangible property', or iP for short.

Its not the same as intellectual property, or IP, and it shouldn't be confused with patents, trademarks and copyrights...

These types of intellectual property serve to protect these valuable assets, but the #2 mistake made by busy business owners is wasting money trying to protect the WRONG iP! (The #1 mistake is doing NOTHING!)

Not only does protecting the wrong iP waste money and time, but it gives owners a false sense of security.

It's important for your company to own its iP.

Ownership requires action. Assume a company doesn't own anything without proof that ownership was transferred to the company.

What type of proof?

Don't assume ownership takes care of itself...

If you don't have proof, your company doesn't own it!


Copyrights are owned by the person that creates the copyrighted work, even if your company commissions and pays for the work. You need a properly executed work made for hire, employment or assignment agreement to prove your company's ownership. 

Patent Rights

It's first to file world, basically. You need a patent search to see if it's already patented by someone else, and you'll need a patent assignment or iP transfer agreement for your company to own any rights in innovative ideas, processes, know-how and products. 


A '10-minute' trademark  search can show you if someone else already owns rights in a similar brand. Only someone using a brand in commerce, or intending to use it, in some cases, has a right to register a trademark.

iPscaling® is the most efficient way to OWN & PROTECT your company's most valuable asset -- your company's intangible property!

iPscaling's Entrepreneur's Guide To Owning Everything series gives step by step directions for easily owning and protecting a company's most valuable iP. Each easy to follow module provides tools needed for one type of iP. 'Florida LLC' is for Florida companies that don't have an LLC or corporation yet. You'll want this before you start using your brand. 'Copyright Essentials' provides a custom work made for hire and copyright assignment agreement for your company, together with step by step directions to register your company's copyrights, once your company owns what others are creating for it. Our '10-minute' trademark search gives step by step directions on completing a search of the trademark office's database to help you pick a great, distinctive brand name. It'll help prevent you from being sued too! Already have a brand name? Then, 'Trademark Protection' also includes step by step directions for filing your own trademark applications. 'Protect Your Know-How...' provides a custom NDA + iP agreement, taking a standard nondisclosure agreement to another level to help busy business owners own and protect their iP. Finally, our iP 'time machine' offers a way to search the USPTO database that is perfect for innovators and inventors that want to know if someone else invented the idea first!

Pick one to get started or get special savings on EVERYTHING!

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

The Entrepreneur's Guide To Owning Everything series let's you pick the training that you need, first, to own your intangible property or the intangible property being created for your company by others. Each training is at a price every business owner can afford.

In fact, Chris Paradies has priced this training at a price you can't afford to pass up! (That's the point.)

And when you pick any one training at the regular price, we'll offer you a sweet deal on all the other training.

This training provides step by step training to create your company's custom work made for hire + assignment agreement, an all-in-one agreement that you will use with everyone that creates any copyrighted works for your business: yourself, employees, consultants, web designers...

This agreement is for creative works, primarily, but offers some additional protective licenses too, just in case.

Plus, get step-by-step directions for protecting your copyright with copyright registration, which grants the owner statutory damages, the right to seek attorneys' fees and a presumption of ownership, which makes it easier to protect your copyrighted work WITHOUT having to pay hundreds of thousands to litigation lawyers!

Protect your 'secret sauce' BEFORE sharing your recipe.

Innovative companies need an NDA + iP agreement and need to know how to use it. Get a one-page agreement that is easy to understand and easy to get signed, without spending thousands on lawyers. It's not just a standard nondisclosure agreement. It's an intangible property transfer agreement.

Yes, a one-pager has its limitations. So, as a free bonus, we provide a customizable consulting agreement too! Use this agreement when you're ready to take that next step in a relationship with a consultant, vendor or even hiring an employee. It's completely customizable.

Conduct your own '10-minute' trademark searches to prove that nobody else owns a similar brand name.

Then, don't stop there! 

Use your trademark search results to determine what international classes your company should own. Use your search results for competitive research. Avoid inadvertent use of something that could get you sued, and much much more...

Now, when you've selected a distinctive brand name, protect it by following step-by-step directions for registering your brand name as a trademark.

top secret stamp

If your iP includes innovation, then you need to know if someone else owns a patent or has a pending application for it. Our iP 'time machine' is the answer. Learn patent clearance and patentability searching the 'time machine' way.

You'll be able to determine if your inventions are patentable, and you'll learn how to avoid infringing competitor's patents.  

About Chris Paradies

Chris is a West Point grad and served as an officer in the army before earning a Ph.D. from RPI and his J.D., summa cum laude. He's a scientist, engineer, lawyer and entrepreneur, and maybe that's why he thinks differently than most patent attorneys. His passion is helping other business owners, whether in his law practice, enterpreneurial endeavors or as a volunteer and chairman of the board at the Tampa Bay Innovation Center.

He enjoys exploring Florida with his wife and two sons: camping, biking and relaxing on the beaches when he's not helping busy business owners.

Quickly and Inexpensively Own Everything!

Each of these iPscaling trainings provide a quicker and less expensive solution than available anywhere else. Lawyers charge hundreds or even thousands of dollars for what you'll get done in less time than it takes to schedule an appointment with some lawyers in busy law offices! 

With the Entrepreneur's Guide To Owning Everything series, you get instant, lifetime access. You can come back to time and again for a single low price saving your business thousands. If you already have an LLC or corporation, then click HERE!

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If you haven't setup an LLC or corporation to own your company's iP, then you need to do that first! 

Keeping your business assets separate from your personal assets is important for tax and liability reasons. So, the time to setup your LLC is BEFORE you start creating intangible property. Florida business owners can access iPscaling's Florida LLC training to setup your own LLC in minutes.

Even if you and your business don't reside in Florida, iPscaling's Florida LLC training may be the best place to start. There's plenty of value in Florida LLC training for just $7.97. Access a list of registered agents, find out if an LLC is right for you, step by step instructions for registering a Florida LLC, create your custom operating agreement, and much much more...    

Yes! I want iPscaling's Florida LLC training for just $7.97...

If you own an LLC or Corporation, it should OWN all of its intangible property!

Pick any one of the Entrepreneur's Guide To Owning Everything series, such an amazing deal, that we have to explain why we're doing it! Chris Paradies has made it his mission to prevent entrepreneurs from making the #1 mistake: doing nothing until it's too late! Too many business owners go without advice from a certified intellectual property attorney. So, he has provided more than two decades experience helping business owners own and protect their iP in his Entrepreneur's Guide To Owning Everything.

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