One-page NDA+iP Agreement

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Create custom agreements that transfer all rights in patents and trade secrets, as well as other intellectual property. There is no default transfer of these important rights. A company with valuable innovation must make sure that it owns anything contributed by an employee or contractor.

That’s where the Entrepreneur’s Guide To Owning Everything series iPstarter innovate training comes in. Create custom versions of agreements that protect valuable know how from public disclosure, plus, transferring all intellectual property, whether an employee or consultant. 

One-page NDA+iP Agreement

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Use this simple agreement to protect your secret sauce BEFORE sharing the recipe. It's an easy agreement to customize and use for any situation. This step by step instruction customizes the agreement for your company.

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Chris Paradies

Chris Paradies demystifies intellectual property for innovative and creative business owners. by bringing his more than two decades experience helping entrepreneurs, as a patent and Florida Bar certified IP attorney, and his unique experience -- graduating from West Point, U.S. Army officer, Ph.D. scientist, and earning his law degree, summa cum laude, at nights while working full time -- to the task. Tireless efforts paid off, making management of 'intangible property' easily understood and affordably implemented using trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets and patents, without wasting tens of thousands on the wrong IP.

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