Do you need help with intellectual property protection without wasting thousands on lawyers or the wrong iP?

What Is iP?

Does 'intangible property' add real value?

Intangible property (or iP) includes the good of brands, exclusive rights in creative works, exclusive agreements, know-how and inventions. iP CREATES wealth!

More than 80% of the value of companies in the S&P 500 is intangibles, according to a study from Ocean Tomo. 

Intellectual property law protects the value of iP. Copyright and trademark registrations protect brands and creative expression. Trade secret and patent law protect innovation.

iPscaling was perfect for everything I wanted to know and needed to understand...

I know many people who have developed fantastic educational material, but then they found out others were taking their intellectual property and teaching it as their own. It was devastating to their business. So, when I started developing my own, I knew I needed to protect it.

There was a lot of confusing information out there. So many experts kept advising against trying to do it yourself because it would be too much...

iPscaling training walks you through the process for doing it yourself at a much lower price point. It was exactly what I was looking for!

The fact that Chris Paradies also offers one-on-one sessions after you complete the tutorials, to ensure you feel confident actually filing intellectual property, was such a relief. Knowing what I needed to do next to complete the process and make sure my intellectual property was protected...

I could hardly believe I had done it right until I received the official Library of Congress letter!

iPscaling was perfect for everything I wanted to know and needed to understand. I highly recommend iPscaling for anyone trying to build and protect value in their business while still remaining cost effective.

What Types of Intellectual Property Protection Are There?

U.S. trademark law is codified, federally, in the Lanham Act, which provides for protection of distinctive brands. The purpose of trademarks and trade dress protection is to protect consumers from confusingly similar use of trusted brands. In practice, this area of law provides brand owners exclusive use of brand names, slogans, logos, jingles...  and anything else that can serve to identify a business as a source of particular goods or services. Innovative and creative business owners should transfer value from every other type of iP to their brand.

Trade secret law and patent law provide ways to protect processes, inventions, discoveries...  and other valuable ideas. Under U.S. patent law, the owner has the sole right to make, use, offer for sale and import an invention in the U.S. for 20 years from the filing date of a patent  (+/-), in exchange for publication of how to make and use the invention. Under trade secret laws, commercially valuable information that is not generally known in your industry is protectable from misappropriation, if reasonable measures are taken to keep it secret.

Copyright law protects creative expression. It doesn't protect ideas and does not necessarily protect against copying, either. Instead, it gives the owner of a copyright in creative works a bundle of legal rights, which includes rights to distribute copies commercially and the right to make "derivative works" that alter or change the original work. Copyright comes into existence automatically, but there are advantages to registering copyrighted works: the right to seek attorneys' fees, statutory damages and a presumption of ownership.

how does iPscaling work?

It's a process...

You don't have to protect all of your iP before you start making money...

                         ...but you should at least own everything!

You'd be surprised how many times companies don't own what the owners think the company owns.

Do YOU have ALL your agreements in place?  

Have you already transferred rights in everything created by you, your employees, consultants, vendors and advisors to your LLC or corporation IN WRITING.

If not, you don't own it, and someone else does.

If you want to own your iP, the best way to get it done fast and save money is our Entrepreneur's Guide to Owning Everything series! 

You'll have all your agreements before you could schedule an appointment with an IP attorney, at a fraction of the cost! You'll be done in minutes instead of waiting...

How does intellectual property protect 'intangible' property?


Intellectual property should give you the sole legal right of possession of your company's valuable intangible property, or "iP"! Owning all 'intangible property' of your business is the first step. Most busy business owners think their business owns its iP and are surprised to learn its NOT TRUE!  If you don't own your iP, someone else does! That can lead to disaster.


Intellectual property law is the way that business owners legally protect their valuable iP! Does ownership require spending tens of thousands?  << NO! >> Business owners should pay to protect ONLY iP that provides a substantial return on investment. iPscaling keeps costs low, especially early on, allowing a business to protect more and maximizing the return.

When done right, intellectual property allows you to grow your business without fear of losing control. Are you ready to launch new products, hire staff, automate, expand markets or sell your business? iP 5Xs business value, because iP accounts for much more than 80% of business value for innovative and creative companies. (Ocean Tomo) 

How does iP 5X Business Value!

Protect your most valuable intangible property, what I refer to as your "key iP". Building a hedge of protection around your key iP is where trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets and patents come in.

iPscaling® training is self-paced with step by step instructions for making rapid progress on your own. 

Subscribing to iPmasterclass 'all access pass' provides the most rapid progress at the lowest cost by giving busy business owners direct access to Chris Paradies and his team. 

OWN: Entrepreneur's Guide To Owning Everything™

If you want to make sure that your company owns everything, then check out our Entrepreneur's Guide To Owning Everything™ series. Each module of our Entrepreneur's Guide To Owning Everything™ series provides quick, inexpensive step-by-step instructions that you should complete in minutes! Selecting any module and you'll unlock special pricing on our other training, saving you thousands compared to big law fees. 

PROTECT: iPscaling®

Ready to take your business to the next level? Then, protect your key iP using intellectual property. Our iPscaling trainings cover registration of your trademarks, registration of your copyrights, or trade secret protection of your innovative ideas. Learn more about. Choosing any one module unlocks amazing discounts on our other training!

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Note from Chris Paradies

Busy Business Owners don't have time or money to waste! I've created the iPscaling process for owners of innovative and creative businesses that can't afford to ignore more than 80% of the value of their company. It's my passion to reach business owners BEFORE the worst happens, before the infringement lawsuit, before the mistakes that let ownership of iP slip away, before your employee or a competitor misappropriates or misuses the key iP in your business. It's not easy to reach busy business owners, but the value of the iPscaling training and iPmasterclass 'all access pass' should make it an easy decision. Join us!

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