CONCERTINA®  principle: how innovative and creative business owners 5X Business Value with iP protection without wasting thousands on the wrong iP!

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Revealed: the best way to create wealth!

More than 80% of the value of innovative and creative companies is intangible property, or iP! Shouldn't you make sure you own, protect and grow its value?

5X business value using our own protect grow® 3-step process to grow the value of your intangible property without wasting tens of thousands on legal fees or protecting the wrong iP!

What is 'intangible property'?

I'm all about building value in your 'intangible property', or iP, without wasting thousands on lawyers or protecting the wrong iP.  

iPmasterclass 'all access pass' delivers a way of protecting iP, which makes it easy for busy business owner. Own everything! Protect your company's key creative works, brands, inventions, know-how...

Then, build up the value in your company's key iP! 

iPmasterclass 'all access pass' not only saves you money but also saves precious time. I know how busy you are, but your intellectual property protection is important! 

Maybe you've read or heard about upheavals in intellectual property law over the past few years -- or maybe not!  

We're in the 'innovation age', which has made iP increasingly important. More than 80% of the value of all the companies listed on the S&P 500 is intangible property or iP!

Our IP system in the U.S. is becoming conformed to the rest of the world, which favors big corporations.

The changes are driving up costs. It's never been easier to waste tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands on the wrong intellectual property. 

I've seen extraordinary value created using intellectual property the right way.

I've also seen what happens when it all goes sideways - lost rights, misappropriation, lawsuits, business failures...

Ten years ago, the average cost of a patent lawsuit was $2 million, but that's the floor, now. And now, copyright and trademark lawsuits cost that much! 

A single IP lawsuit can shutter a business if you're not careful!  A company's valuable iP can go irrevocably abandoned through neglect.

Owning, protecting and growing intangible property should 5X your business value!

Just check out the pie chart below. The blue represents tangible property value, and intangible property increases that value more than 5X!

If intangible property makes up more than 80% of the value of your business, then our own protect grow® 3-step process should 5X your business!

But at what cost? 

If intellectual property protection costs the same or more than the value of the intangible property it protects, then it's a zero sum game, at best.

Business owners should be careful to invest in iP that multiplies the value of your business. That's why the Concertina principle focuses on key iP. The creative works, brands and innovative ideas providing a competitive advantage are worth protecting, if the price is right. 

You should only pay for intellectual property protection that costs a fraction of the value of the intangible property that it protects.

That's how iPmasterclass 'all access pass' helps!

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