CONCERTINA®  principle: how innovative and creative business owners 5X Business Value using intellectual property protection without wasting thousands on the wrong iP!

Training will start promptly at 2:15 pm EDT on April 8th. Join up to 15 minutes early to secure your seat!


You missed out!

Intellectual Property won't make you wealthy...
...but 'intangible' Property, or iP, should create wealth for owners of innovative and creative businesses.

Knowing The Difference Is Critically Important!


Remember to turn off your cellphone, close any open tabs in your browser and find a quiet place to participate in this live training! You won't want to miss anything!

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Busy business owners don't need to worry about intellectual property protection. They need a quick and efficient way to take care of what needs to be done without wasting thousands on lawyers or the wrong iP! You'll walk away from this webinar knowing what needs to be done to protect the most valuable assets of your innovative or creative business.


Chris Paradies

Chris Paradies’ passion for helping entrepreneurs over two decades and unique background -- graduating from West Point, serving as a U.S. Army officer, earning a Ph.D. at RPI, completing his J.D., summa cum laude, facilitating startup training, and serving as volunteer Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Tampa Bay Innovation Center -- have given rise to a better way for managing iP that saves money and time, the iPscaling® program and the Concertina® principle, a powerful metaphor for how intellectual property should work in your business. 

Chris, Aleksandra and their two sons live in Florida, the sunshine state.

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