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This disclaimer is provided to inform you of the ownership and purpose of Paradies iP. The purpose of Paradies iP is to help innovative and creative business owners to build business value using our training, reports, blogs, quizzes, forms and other resources (“Resources”), which we make available through our websites, such as this website, iPscaling.com or iPmakerspace.com, (the “Website” or “Websites”), which is owned and operated by Paradies iP.

Chris Paradies owns Paradies iP. 

The Websites and Resources may contain advertisements, sponsored content, paid insertions, affiliate links or other forms of monetization including, without limitation, links to Paradies Law P.A., a Florida intellectual property law firm owned by Chris Paradies and located in Tampa, Florida. These are two separate legal entities. 

Any links between Paradies iP and Paradies Law P.A. are provided for your convenience. If you would like to contact an attorney at Paradies Law P.A. use this link to Schedule a Paid New Client Intake Call or contact us using the customer service link, below.  Using this link or any link does not establish an attorney-client relationship with Paradies Law P.A.  

Paradies Law P.A. requires a retainer or pre-payment, a new client interview, and execution of an engagement agreement prior to entering into any attorney-client relationship. Conflict checks are required by rules governing the practice of law in Florida, and these will be completed as part of the intake process if you schedule a call with Chris Paradies at Paradies Law P.A. using the link. 

The purpose of Paradies iP is not to advertise Paradies Law P.A. or its legal services, but instead, the purpose is to provide a much lower cost alternative for businesses that want to avoid the high costs of legal services by managing the protection of their own intangibles, themselves, with or without coaching from Chris Paradies or the advice of any other qualified attorney. This is your choice. 

We recommend consulting an attorney in your state to discuss whether you are able to manage your own intangibles. 

This is a different model than the traditional law firm model. Paradies iP believes that it provides better outcomes for most innovative and creative business owners than the traditional IP law firm model, because nobody knows your business better than you.

Notwithstanding the intentions of Paradies iP, the promotions, Resources and Websites of Paradies iP might be considered ATTORNEY ADVERTISING in your state or country. If so, then this disclaimer serves as an attorney advertising disclaimer, also.  

Chris Paradies is a U.S. registered patent attorney and Florida Bar certified intellectual property attorney and Paradies Law P.A. is a Florida intellectual property law firm with its place of business in Tampa, Florida.

Any stories about actual people are true, and no attorney-client confidential information was disclosed by any of these stories.

Any story about Victor or Victoria is for illustration purposes only. Victor and Victoria are fictional characters and any similarity between them and any person, living or dead, is merely coincidental. While the scenarios relating to Victor and Victoria may be drawn from the decades of experience of the author, none of the facts are drawn from any particular real life experience or case. The purpose for using these fictional characters is to instruct without revealing any attorney-client confidential information.

The content of any Website or Resource should not be construed as legal advice on any specific fact or circumstance. This content was prepared by and for Paradies iP, and its purpose is for information and training of business owners to understand how to manage their own iP. Receipt of such information or training does not create an attorney-client relationship with Paradies Law P.A., Paradies iP,  or Chris Paradies. We recommend finding and consulting with an IP attorney in your state before taking action on any legal matter or contract.

Florida Advertising Disclaimer: The hiring of a lawyer is an important decision that should not be based solely upon advertisements. Before you decide, ask us to send you free written information about our qualifications and experience.

You should not act or rely on any of the information or training contained on any Websites or in any Resources without seeking professional legal advice about your own legal issues and circumstances.  

Prior results referred to in these materials do not guarantee or suggest a similar result in other matters. Paradies iP is responsible for the contents of this website.

Paradies iP is not a law firm.

Paradies iP does not provide legal services. No attorney-client privilege exists between you and Paradies iP. Therefore, you should NOT disclose your proprietary information and trade secrets to Paradies iP. Paradies iP recommends that you consult with a qualified attorney or become knowledgeable about trade secret law, yourself, before you disclose your trade secrets or proprietary information to anyone.

Chris Paradies owns Paradies iP and Paradies Law P.A.  Otherwise, there is no relationship between these two independent entities. Paradies Law P.A. (“Paradies law”) is a law firm, but using the Website and Resources does NOT establish an attorney-client relationship with Paradies law or Chris Paradies. 

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This Website does not contain any content that presents a conflict of interest.


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Yes, I’m an attorney. So, I want you to be aware of the following disclaimers.

*Limited time offer — price subject to change at any time –additional fees and costs are required for filing state and federal registrations of USPTO fees and copyrights, secretary of state fees, and other out of pocket costs. 

This website contains much information in the form of articles of general applicability or intended as educational and introductory to various areas of the law or legal issues.





Under some interpretations of the legal ethics rules, some material in this website could be considered advertising material. This website is not communicating that Christopher Paradies, Ph.D., Esquire or any other legal professional of Paradies Law P.A. is available for professional employment or to provide legal services to the public. The hiring of a lawyer is an important decision that should not be based solely upon the information included on this website. Before you decide to hire a lawyer, ask for written information about qualifications and experience.

Paradies IP Solutions LLC does not provide legal advice or legal services. There is no attorney-client relationship established by enrolling in iPscaling or any other offerings of Paradies IP Solutions LLC.

iPscaling is a combination of an educational product and consulting that assists you in managing your own IP. You agree not to disclose any of the content of iPscaling, publicly, outside of your company, or to use it for any other purpose than managing your own IP.

Paradies IP Solutions, LLC agrees not to use any of your information, except to provide services to you. You own and will continue to own all of your IP. 

Paradies IP Solutions LLC owns and will continue to own its IP. Nothing transfers any ownership in intellectual property from you to Paradies IP Solutions LLC or from Paradies IP Solutions LLC to you.

I’ve worked hard to make iPscaling a great investment in your business. No glitz! Just effective help for your small business from a qualified, Florida Bar certified IP counsel and US registered patent attorney.

The speakers’ opinions are their own. Paradies IP Solutions LLC is not a law firm and is not registered to practice law in any state.

Chris Paradies, the founder and creator of iPscaling’s proven own protect grow® process, is a Florida Bar certified intellectual property attorney and U.S. registered patent attorney; he does not practice law in any state outside of Florida.

Paradies IP Solutions LLC recommends that you consult with a qualified intellectual property attorney in your state if you have legal questions or need legal services or advice.

iPscaling is a combination of education and consulting tailored to your company’s needs, and you agree to assume the risk in taking or not taking any action based on the content or advice provided in iPscaling’s own protect grow® process.

This is not an advertisement for legal services, but it may be considered an advertisement for legal services in some jurisdictions. You should not rely solely on advertising for choosing legal counsel.  

If you provide any testimonials, now or in the future, You agree that Paradies IP Solutions LLC and Chris Paradies may use your image, likeness, voice and written testimonials for any purpose including, without limitation, promotional purposes and advertising and may edit and may create derivative works thereof.

You covenant not to sue Paradies IP Solutions LLC, Paradies Law P.A. and Christopher Paradies for any use of any testimonials, recommendations and reviews.

Every company is different, and your results may not be the same as others.

The only warranty offered is the limited, 100% money guarantee, subject to the terms of the offer, which requires You to complete the iPscaling fieldwork and Q&A sessions, and liability of Paradies IP Solutions LLC and Christopher Paradies is limited to the amount you paid to Paradies IP Solutions LLC for any any all causes of action arising from your participation in any programs offered by Paradies IP Solutions LLC and Christopher Paradies. 

The results obtained from iPscaling vary depending on willingness to do the necessary fieldwork and participate in Q&A sessions. There is no guarantee that iPscaling will increase the value of your IP, without putting in the work necessary to do so.

Success of your business depends on your implementation of your business plan and branding strategies, market considerations, and externalities that might not be under your control.

You may rest assured that we will not disclose your information to others, without your permission. Our terms of use also require you not to disclose the information of other participants of IPmasterclass or the confidential and proprietarty information of Paradies IP Solutions, LLC. 

Stories shared by speakers are simplified and selected to provide clarity and are not actual fact patterns of actual clients. Instead, stories shared are composites developed from experiences and training of the speakers, sometime using entirely fictionalized fact patterns and composite characters, in order to illustrate a particular point.

None of the stories provided disclose any attorney-client privileged information or confidences of past clients.

Fictionalization of events and simplification of fact patterns are necessary to make the intended points understandable, impactful and implementable.

Real life fact patterns are usually messy and seldom as straightforward as those fact patterns shared by the speakers.

None of the characters introduced in any story used in iPscaling training or promotions represent any actual person, and any apparent similarities to any actual persons, living or dead, is merely coincidental.

Specifically, Victor and Victoria are fictional names and are in no way associated or related to any actual person.

I’m excited to work with you, and to help you maximize the value of your company’s intellectual property. Entrepreneurs do change lives, and it’s great to witness. I look forward to seeing your testimonials about your success.

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