iPscaling® trains creators and innovators how to safely own, protect & grow a valuable business

If you're creative or innovative, then you bring value to your business. This value is called "intangibles" but it adds real value. As a business owner, you need to know how to protect your company's intangible property using intellectual property. iPscaling® training is the best way to get there without wasting thousands protecting the wrong iP.

Where Should You Start?

If you're just starting up, then our iPstarter training is the place to begin. If you already have an LLC, a distinctive brand name, and all of your agreements in place, then go straight to iPscaling® training to start protecting your iP with trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets.

How to Own Everything!

Here's how to OWN EVERYTHING!

  • Set up your Florida LLC.
  • Select your distinctive company brand name; and pick distinctive product brand names.
  • Create your copyright work for hire agreeme
  • Create your one-page NDA+iP agreement & custom, long form consulting agreements.
  • Find out if your iP is patentable using our proprietary 'time machine' patent search training.

Whatever iPstarter trainings you choose, we make it easy and inexpensive to own everything. Just follow our easy step-by-step video tutorials.

How to Protect Your iP!

Is it time to protect your copyrighted creative works, trademarks and inventions using intellectual property?

  • Register copyrights in valuable creative works.
  • Apply for trademarks to protect important brand names, logos, slogans...
  • Put in place reasonable measures to protect your trade secrets and proprietary information
    (coming soon).

Our iPscaling training is the fastest, most economical way to build a hedge of protection around your company's intangible property.

Do All Entrepreneurs Need Patents?

I often have owner's of startups coming to my law firm to ask about patents. In my experience, More than 9 of 10 do not need a patent. Want to find out more about patents? Click a link below...

Every entrepreneur needs to OWN EVERYTHING! 

The cost of IP protection should be a fraction of the value added by the iP. 

Not everything needs to be protected by a patent, trademark or copyright.

Any iP that provides only marginal value should NOT be protected, but EVERYTHING should be OWNED nonethless!

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