Concertina principle

Learn what it takes to build sustainable value in your business, which will 5X value for creative and innovative businesses.

How does the Concertina Principle help business owners?

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What You’ll learn from this Concertina training:

Not sure if trademarks, trade secrets, copyrights or patents are right for your business? Then, this training is definitely for you. Are you sure that one of these is right for your company? Then, why not test your assumptions? You might be shocked by what you would have missed. This training will make intellectual property easy to understand and will help you to protect your company's most valuable property, its iP!


Your Company's iP Is Your Most Valuable Asset!

Ocean Tomo's research showed that iP accounts for more than 80% of the total value of companies listed on the S&P 500. Financial assets and tangible property accounted for less than 20%. Trillions of dollars of wealth have been created in the last decade by innovative and creative companies like Apple, google, IBM, Microsoft, Facebook, Tesla... and many smaller companies.

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About Chris Paradies

For more than two decades, Chris Paradies has been making it his mission to help innovative and creative business owners as their patent and intellectual property attorney and business mentor. Entrepreneurs that find intellectual property a difficult concept to master appreciate Chris’ ability to simplify difficult concepts without shortchanging the subject.  

Chris’ passion for helping entrepreneurs and unique background -- graduating from West Point, serving as a U.S. Army officer, earning a Ph.D. at RPI, completing his J.D., summa cum laude, facilitating startup training, and serving as volunteer Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Tampa Bay Innovation Center -- have given rise to the iPscaling® program and the Concertina® principle. 

Chris lives in Tampa, Florida with his wife and two sons.

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