Chris Paradies

Chris Paradies

I'm Chris Paradies, a Florida Bar certified intellectual property Attorney and U.S. Reg. Patent Attorney, founder of Paradies® law and creator of the IPscaling® process.

I chair the board of directors for the Tampa Bay Innovation Center and serve as a facilitator in a course helping small business owners get started right. 

I work hard as an advocate for small business owners and have received awards and recognition for support of small business economic development and leadership in technology, but I say that not to brag, just to confirm that I'm not telling you what I learned yesterday.

Over the past two decades, my clients have successfully scaled businesses from startup to exit and changed lives in the process.

That's very rewarding, but I'm not satisfied with helping only a few...  when so many business owners are still neglecting their IP and making the #2 mistake...

I'm a West Point graduate, U.S. Army veteran and entrepreneur. I'm not afraid to stand up and say that the Big Law model is broken and doesn't serve entrepreneurs well.

Until now, the alternatives were even worse. Legalzoom? Hiring an attorney will no expertise or experience in iP?

iP legal services is a market ripe for disruptive change. And I'm willing to take the lead to make your experience as easy and efficient as it possibly can be.

Now, I've given free IP advice to entrepreneurs at “Startup Exchange” meetups, but how many people do you think really implement advice that is free? There's no accountability...  nobody to check up on you and see if you got it done... right?

I'm an author and international speaker on small business innovation and the value of iP. Owning intangibles doesn't necessarily create business value...  USING your iP does!

As a facilitator for a business canvas course, I help artists and other creative entrepreneurs in Saint Petersburg, Florida startup new business concepts the right way. I can reach about 60 business owners every year this way, but there are half of million business owners, in Florida alone, that need this kind of help! 

I want to help as many entrepreneurs as possible to successfully startup and own small businesses, because small businesses change lives. More than that... small businesses are what make America great... and help to preserve our constitutional republic and liberty from generation to generation.

Nobody is truly free if you're only source of income is some multinational corporation or government job.

Education & Experience

I earned a bachelor of science degree at West Point, a Ph.D. in Materials Science from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and a law degree summa cum laude at the Jacob D. Fuchsberg Touro Law Center.

I've worked as a visiting scientist in Norway, postdoc at Ecole Polytechnique in Switzerland, and senior technical specialist at Northrop Grumman, before becoming an intellectual property attorney.

For two decades, I've served business owners as their IP counsel, scaling the value of their IP, litigating when necessary...

I've worked in Big Law in New York City and was a shareholder with a corner office in a big firm in Tampa, Florida. 

The higher my billable rate went (eventually $650/hour) ... the fewer small business owners could afford my services. Only large corporations can afford those kinds of fees. 

So, I made a change. I started my own law office, and...

it was a struggle.

I remember the day that I just gave it all to God. I had to make payroll (not even paying myself), and I was waiting on checks from clients that weren't in the mail...

When I finished praying on Thursday afternoon... I clicked the button on Paychex ... praying that there would be enough money in the account on Monday to cover employee pay, fees, bills, taxes...

Then, I drove to a client that owed some money and asked them to write a check for the balance...

On Monday, the balance in my business checking account was...


That's right! 

Not one penny more or less than what I asked for.

That was years ago, but I remember it like yesterday... praising God for $0.00 ... It was a miracle.  

Now, I've scaled.

It's not "easier" now. I guess life's always a struggle, at times, but I'm not as stressed about it.

I have way more time with my family. I can set my priorities and find ways to help a lot more business owners. 

So, why don't you let me help you to scale the value of your business?

Awards & Recognition

Here's the deal.

It doesn't matter how much I have done in the past. I've barely scratched the surface of the need out there for help building sustainable value in businesses, but these awards may help you to realize I'm the real deal. So, here you go.

  • Tampa Bay Region Volunteer of the Year Awardee in 2014 by the Florida Economic Development Council (FEDC).
  • Recipient of the 2014 Heroes at Work award from the Tampa Bay Business Journal.
  • Outstanding Leadership Finalist by Tampa Bay Tech (tbt).
  • Chaired the Advanced Medicine & Human Performance Sector at the Tampa Bay Partnership.
  • Served as Vice Chair of Tampa Bay Tech (tbt).

I'm not satisfied with accolades, not when I see what is happening to small business owners, their families and employees.

Why iPscaling?

There are more that half a million companies with employees, just in Florida alone, that need a Florida Bar certified IP attorney to help them scale iP.

Yet, there are only 140 Florida Bar certified IP attorneys, at least when I checked in the beginning of 2019.

I can do the math.  (Remember that I have a Ph.D. in engineering/science. Math & Science is one of my things.) 

That's more than 3000 clients per board certified iP attorney in Florida. No attorney can work one-on-one with a tenth that many clients and do it well.

So, when I saw those numbers, I knew that something had to change.

Too many business owners having been going without advice from a qualified iP attorney that they desperately need to build sustainable value in their businesses.

AndI've seen what happens when small businesses go without qualified IP counsel.

(I can't give you stories about these unfortunate clients, which came to me AFTER disaster happened, due to attorney-client privilege. Suffice to say ... it's bad!)

Small business owners sued by larger competitors...  Yup, seen it.

Small business owners losing patent rights by failing to file a patent application within one year of selling a product... 

Seen it!

Nearly every week some guru on FB or insta is out there suggesting copying or hacking or borrowing "ideas" from competitors...  just to get up and selling faster.

Then, the business owner infringes copyrights, trademarks or trade dress...


All that you're doing is causing confusion!

You need to do the work to become your own distinctive brand.

Yes, competitive research is absolutely necessary...

But it should be done to make sure that your own marketing and branding is totally different than your competitor's.

Be distinctive! 

Business owners losing valuable IP rights through neglect? 

Seen it!

Completely wasted money chasing IP rights that fail to add any value, because business owners don't understand the purpose of intellectual property?

Seen it!

A Change is Going To Come!

What if there was a new way to reach business owners BEFORE it's too late.

What if there was a way to 5X value of your business and keep that value?

What if there was a way to master your iP, without becoming an iP master?

What if you could do all this, without paying astronomical Big Law fees?

Or spending hundreds of hours scouring the Internet just to get the WRONG advice?

A New Way

That's why I'm so excited to offer a new way that can finally offer business owners an easy way to scale the value of IP, starting with what's most important for a particular owner.

It's not one-sized fits all. 

It doesn't require you to become an IP master.

You don't have to have time to do it all yourself.

You don't have to have tens of thousands of dollars to have it all done for you by a qualified, board certified IP attorney in a big law firm.

What is iPscaling?

It's based on a simple principle, the Concertina® principle...

It's easy and inexpensive to apply.

It allows you to add layers as you go, putting you in control of your company's future.

Schedule a FREE 15-minute consult and find out if it's right for your business.